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Damon Lindelof Is Changing Watchmen and Purists Aren't Having It

The beloved comic will be set in *gulp* modern times

Tim Surette

Watchmen is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels -- heck, just plain novels -- of all time, and it has a fan base that treats its pages as preciously as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The idea of properly adapting the book for the screen is ludicrous, as it's a cerebral, twisting, time-traveling period piece that mixes historical fiction with science fiction and overgrown blue men, and maybe even a giant squid-like alien creature.

So of course Damon Lindelof, the beloved (and sometimes behated) man behind The Leftovers and one of the creators of Lost and its ending, is turning Watchmen into a TV series for HBO. Lindelof, a huge fan of the book and one of prestige TV's pioneers, is a solid choice for the task, but his latest update on his adaptation will have several fans nervous. Yep, he's going to f*** with it.

Lindelof posted a wordy letter to fans via Instagram -- five pages, photographed -- talking about lots of stuff and even more stuff, but mostly Watchmen. It's couched in a lot of "I'm a real big fan of Watchmen" before he drops the hammer: His version of Watchmen will be set in modern day, whereas the book was set during the Cold War between the United States and Russia. Lindelof is going to add new characters with "new masks to cover them." He even used the words "disrupt" (and said he didn't like that word) and "remix." Grab your popcorn!

Day 140.

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Lindelof is obviously fine to do what he chooses with Watchmen as he's getting paid to Lindelof it. And Zack Snyder's movie adaptation already took the route of a relatively faithful take on the original. And you know what? I say go for it, Damon! Switch it up! Change things! Give us something original! Lay some trademark Lindelof soundtrack dissonance on us. Make art.

Naturally, some fans of the revered comic are sweatin':

While others are hopeful:

While some are just having a laugh:

What's your take on the situation? Do you want a traditional adaptation or are you ready for something fresh and potentially disastrous?

HBO has not yet ordered Watchmen to series.