Entourage Entourage

Entourage's fictional movie star Vincent Chase can forget about Aquaman. He'll be hitting the big screen anyway.

One of the HBO comedy's executive producers, Mark Wahlberg, says an Entourage film will follow the TV series' conclusion, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Wahlberg told the trade paper that while it's unclear whether the hit comedy will extend beyond its two planned upcoming seasons, a film definitely will follow. "We'll see, there could be more. But then, a movie," Wahlberg said.

About Wahlberg's big-screen aspirations for the series, HBO would only say: "It is not out of the realm of possibility, but the producers are concentrating on the new season."

Entourage's possible jump to cineplexes was pioneered by the success of the Sex and the City movie in the summer 2008. A sequel to that film is shooting and scheduled to hit theaters in May 2010.

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