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Virgin River Boss Answers All of Our Season 3 Burning Questions

Did Brady really shoot Jack?!

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Virgin River Season 3. Read at your own risk!]

You might think that Mel's (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby surprise at the end of Virgin River Season 3 was enough drama, but it was really just the tip of the pine tree for this mountain town. Outside of Mel and Jack's (Martin Henderson) relationship woes, the third season of the Netflix drama also saw Vince (Steve Bacic) return in his vengeful hunt for Paige (Lexa Doig). He had Preacher (Colin Lawrence) drugged so he could get to little Christopher and it seems like only bad things can come from that scenario. 

While Season 3 provided clues as to what happened the night Jack was shot, we still don't have definitive answers about what went down in the bar before Mel found Jack bleeding out on the floor. Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) was arrested at the end of the season for the crime but he swore he didn't do it (and for once we are inclined to believe him) but that still leaves a lot of questions up in the air about who actually pulled the trigger. 

Elsewhere, a mysterious hitchhiker showed up claiming to be Doc's (Tim Matheson) grandson and Hope (Annette O'Toole) remained unconscious in the hospital after getting into a car accident on her way home from visiting her elderly aunt. And of course, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is stirring up trouble again with her new husband threatening to sue Jack for parental rights to his and Charmaine's unborn twins. 

There was so much going on at the end of this season that TV Guide needed to bring in executive producer Sue Tenney to help break down all of these big cliffhangers and tease what to expect if the show gets picked up for Season 4.

Benjamin Hollingsworth, Virgin River

Benjamin Hollingsworth, Virgin River


How long do we have to wait to find out who shot Jack? That is still a mystery at the end of Season 3. 
Tenney: I promise you that really is definitely a part of it; I won't say anything more than that. There's a reason that Brady is arrested at the end of Season 3. At the end of Season 4 it will be the culmination and you'll know everything as far as who shot Jack. It will involve a tremendous amount of nefarious characters, and some characters that will be surprising. Also the end of Season 4, given a Season 4, we will open up a whole new vein of mystery. [We are] going to close one door, but we're gonna open up another one. It's a good one.

How worried should we be about Connie and Christopher with Vince in the house?
Sue Tenney:
I think you should be worried. With him there that's a normal emotion and given a fourth season, we'll get into that. 

And what about Preacher? He wasn't in good shape last we saw him either.
Tenney: Same goes for Preacher, but, you know I'm ever hopeful, cautiously optimistic. It's all part of the same thing and Vince is kind of the mastermind behind it. So, that will slowly come out, and given a new season that story will come to a very explosive end at the end of Season 4.

What can you say about Paige? If Vince is back, it calls into question whether Paige is still on the run or not. 
Tenney: One of the important things to realize is that you can't trust what Sally says the second she roofies Preacher. Paige is out there. I don't think Paige is aware of what's going on. I think Vince is using the fact that Paige is in constant contact with anyone to be able to get Sally, to be able to talk to Preach, to get him out of the way -- obviously -- which is why Vince shows up at [Preacher's] house. So I think that the thing you can take away from that is that Sally and Vince for some reason are working together. 

Where Is Hope in Virgin River Season 3?

What is the deal with the hitchhiker who showed up claiming to be Doc's grandson? Is he related to the affair he had with Charmaine's mom in any way? 
Tenney: No, this is completely different from the affair. [In previous seasons], we've dealt with a lot with Hope and Doc's past and their relationship, their struggles and whatnot. For us, it felt like it was good to kind of go back a bit more, you get into something that we haven't gotten a whole bunch of which is Doc in Seattle. We have bits and pieces that have come out in the past, over the three seasons you've seen, but [this] will open up a whole new chapter for Doc during Season 4.

Can we please talk about Charmaine? I just feel like if she could love herself a bit more she wouldn't make such terrible choices. 
Tenney: All of her decisions come out of the fact that she can't get the person she wants to love her back. It's very relatable. I don't think she's a bad person, necessarily, but I think she makes a lot of really bad choices. And so, Todd is going to add on to that. It was already complicated between Jack and Charmaine with the twins coming and how that was going to look and how parenting was gonna look. Adding Todd into the mix, and having her marry Todd, we just made it doubly complicated.

Virgin River Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.