Elisabeth Hasselbeck, known for her sometimes-conservative stances on issues, on Wednesday surprised her View cohosts by revealing not only her support for Chelsea Clinton, but her "voicemail relationship" with the ex-president's daughter. Hasselbeck's news came as the group discussed

a clip in which Chelsea, on the campaign trail for a certain White House hopeful, responded to a reporter's query as to whether she thought Mom's credibility was damaged because of the Lewinsky scandal. Chelsea responded, "Wow. You're the first person actually that's ever asked me that question... in the maybe 70 college campuses I've now been to. And I do not think that's any of your business." At first, Hasselbeck opined, "It's a great question." But she then added, "I certainly have not agreed with Senator Clinton on her policies... but seeing [Chelsea] handle that, I felt for her." Liz then shared how she left a vociemail for Chelsea, explaining to the View audience, "I wanted her to know from my mouth directly that I respect how she handled that with not just wit but dignity." As Joy Behar gushed, "That's so beautiful!" and Barbara Walters appeared clearly surprised, it was Whoopi Goldberg - Hasselbeck's occasional sparring partner - who walked across the stage to give her a hug. "We can disagree about a lot of things," Whoopi said, "but when it comes to being a stand-up person, you're one of the stand-up people. I adore you and I think you calling Chelsea was a class act." Did Hasselbeck surprise you, too? Did Goldberg? Do you agree with their views on Chelsea's response? - Anna Dimond