Maggie Q, Shane West, David Keith Maggie Q, Shane West, David Keith

Nikita is going to deal with daddy issues.

Shane West sat down with to tease Friday's episode of Nikita, "343 Walnut Lane" (8/7c on The CW), and confirms that the Cassandra (Helena Matsson) story line isn't over yet. [Spoilers! If you haven't seen the previous episode, "Looking Glass" yet, it's best to not read further.]

VIDEO: Nikita's Shane West on trouble in "Mikita" paradise

In the last episode, Michael (West) reconnects with Cassandra, a former asset he had become emotionally involved with during a mission six years ago. In present day, he and Nikita (Maggie Q) help save her life, but before parting ways, Nikita learns that Cassandra had been keeping a secret: Michael is the father of her 5-year-old son, Max. "There was a big bomb that's dropped that Nikita finds out about but no one else," West said. "And so that is carried out into this next episode."

As Nikita decides whether or not to tell Michael he's a baby daddy, she tracks down her own father, Richard (guest star David Keith). In typical Nikita fashion, their reunion is less hugs and more slugs as they try to take each other out.

Check out West's take on the family reunion and thoughts about finding out Michael's last name:

And here's a look at Keith as Nikita's dad:

Nikita airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

Should Nikita tell Michael about his child? What do you think is the big mystery behind concealing Michael's last name?