Jon Hamm Jon Hamm

On Thursday's 30 Rock, the usually buttoned up Jon Hamm lets his hair down as Liz Lemon's would-be love interest.

Hamm, beloved for his super-serious role as Don Draper on Mad Men, already proved his comedy chops by hosting Saturday Night Live in October. On 30 Rock he plays Dr. Drew Baird, Lemon's new neighbor. "There are various attempts to strike up chemistry that all seem to go comically, horribly wrong," Hamm says.

While costar Tina Fey has called Hamm "the handsomest living human at the moment," Hamm had plenty of nice things to say about Fey as well. "She's easy on the eyes, she's a beautiful woman," he says. "So, It's very fun to do. She's delightful."

In the video below, you can even catch Hamm blush a little as he gushes over Fey. Sadly, it doesn't seem like these kids are gonna make it. "We haven't kissed, and I don't think we ever do kiss," Hamm says. "But it will be embarrassing for everybody involved, trust me."

Ironically, Hamm's girlfiend Jennifer Westfeldt will go head-to-head with her beau as she guest-stars on Grey's Anatomy tonight. Tell us which one you'll be watching in the poll below. For more on the 30 Rock episode and Hamm's take on how Mad Men made this guest role possible, check out the video below.