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There's still no word on when NBC's Community will return, but that's not stopping the cast from celebrating the date it was supposed to premiere: Friday, Oct. 19.

The cast released a video of Donald Glover and Danny Pudi's Troy and Abed in the Morning, parodying their bygone premiere date — and apparently the lack of any knowledge whatsoever about when the show will actually be seen again.

Community, Whitney premiere dates delayed

"Welcome to our fourth season. We spoke to the powers that be, and we agreed to premiere on Oct. 19," Pudi says. "But even though the powers that be agreed to put the premiere on Oct. 19, they couldn't decide where to put Oct. 19." (NBC said last month it was pushing back the premieres of both Community and Whitney, although the network announced Thursday that Whitney will be replacing freshman comedy Animal Practice, which is being pulled.)

The two go on to explain that "Oct. 19 isn't just a date, it's a state of mind," and that fans can celebrate that idea during the premiere ... whenever it may be.

"While we may not know when we're going to air exactly on the calendar, rest assured, when we do, it'll be Oct. 19," Pudi says.

Watch the teaser below: