Kristen Bell is <EM>Veronica Mars.</EM> Kristen Bell is Veronica Mars.

As UPN's Veronica Mars returns with fresh episodes (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), fans are still trying to wrap their heads around the mysteries of this season as well as looking ahead to next season. Did Wallace really want to return home? Will Veronica go to the prom? Is Logan going to attend college with her? In an exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas provides tantalizing answers in response to these and other burning questions from readers.

Question: Would Wallace really never have come back to Neptune if it weren't for the hit-and-run accident in Chicago, or is that just the reason he came back at that exact time and not, say, a month or two later?  Kara
Rob Thomas:
Wallace is/was interested in getting to know his father. He was frustrated in Neptune with Veronica and a little lovesick over Jackie. Those things would've (and did) wear off, but his desire to really get to know the man who sired him was genuine. So, in response, I didn't intend to devalue his relationship with Veronica, but I do think the pull to connect with Nathan remains a powerful one.

Question: I'm a bit perplexed by the recent trend of having Veronica trick the audience. It seems that in the past, we've always been privy to her perspective, but since Duncan's disappearance, we can't ever be sure. Is this going to continue?  Amy
Trend? Did we do it more than once? Veronica wasn't attempting to trick the audience. She was attempting to trick her dad, the sheriff, the FBI, her classmates.

Question: Are we going to see Veronica go to the prom or graduation?  Shaina
Prom  sort of. Graduation  yes.

Question: Did Lilly know that Aaron abused Logan? And if you could be so kind, maybe you could also settle a debate: When Mrs. Fuller referred to "that boyfriend of [Meg's]," she was talking about Duncan, right?  Elizabeth
"That boyfriend of Meg's" was Duncan, yes. Lilly did not know that Logan was abused by Aaron.

Question: Hi Rob, I am a longtime fan! I was wondering if the fortune cookie Duncan gave Veronica in the season premiere was a shout-out to your first screenplay, Fortune CookieKL
Wow, good background knowledge. I have a tricky response: It was definitely not a shout-out. I didn't intend for it to be any kind of inside joke, but I think it might've been inspired a bit by my screenplay largely dedicated to fortune cookies.

Question: Why was it illegal for Duncan to run off with the baby? Considering that the mother is dead and he is the father, doesn't that give him automatic custody?  Beth
We did quite a bit of research on this. It's likely that Duncan would have eventually gained custody of his daughter, but it's a process that could've taken many years, and Duncan wasn't prepared to allow the Mannings to raise his child for that long. With Duncan's mental-health problems and documented instances of violence, the Mannings could've stalled the process for a long, long time. We should've spent a little more time laying that explanation out for the audience.

Question: Could the document Veronica signed in the "Leave It to Beaver" episode, concerning legal claims against the Kanes, interfere with collecting the Kane Scholarship should she win it?  Tabatha
Nope. If she finishes first, she'll get that. But, man, that's an interesting question.

Question: I heard that Troy is coming back as a love interest for Veronica. It surprises me that Veronica would even think about re-reuniting with a character who feigned romantic interest in her as part of a drug-stealing scheme. Will we see Troy making amends for his past behavior? Could Troy be worthy of Veronica's affection?  Zara
Don't believe everything you read on the spoiler sites. I never said anything about Troy returning as a love interest.

Question: Will Logan and Veronica be going to the same college next year?  Emma-Kay
I'm not telling.

Question: Solving Lilly Kane's murder was the theme of the first season. The bus crash/Felix's murder/baseball scandal/and other mysteries are the theme of the second season. Do you have a major story line planned for the third season? If yes, any hints?  Jessie
We do have a Season 3 mystery planned. I believe the careful observer will be able to figure it out before the end of Season 2. It falls under the heading of "You'll know it when you see it."