"WTF - Veronica Mars killed Sheriff Lamb?!"

Admit it: Those words (or some version thereof) passed through your lips at roughly 9:56 pm last night. They certainly passed through mine. That's right, not even I, your Sultan of Scoop, knew that Veronica's snarky nemesis was headed 6 feet under Neptune. While I was aware that a significant death was looming, I had no idea it was Lamb they were silencing!

But as thrown by the twist as we were, one can only imagine how Michael Muhney reacted to news of his alter ego's untimely demise. Actually, no need to imagine, 'cause I just interviewed him!

Ausiello: How long have you known?
Michael Muhney:
I have known for about six weeks now - since the filming of the episode.

Ausiello: What was your initial reaction?
Well, I was heartbroken, to say the very least. It was way too much fun playing Lamb. I'll miss him. It feels like a piece of me has died. I guess if you spend three years with a character, you really become attached. I didn't see this coming. But now I am free to do what I always wanted: start my own traveling nude circus!

Ausiello: It was a pretty well-kept secret.
I gotta say, I'm glad that nobody leaked out that info. The surprise was the best part.

Ausiello: Kudos to the CW for not teasing it in their promos.
I agree. I am so pleasantly surprised that the promos and the insider leaks never let out anything about Lamb's death. And I'm pretty overwhelmed with all the support I'm reading from fans. It's pretty humbling.

Ausiello: What was the significance of Lamb's last line about smelling bread?
I guess there was no significance within the borders of Neptune. It apparently was some kind of inside joke with a producer and something from an episode of M*A*S*H. Personally, "I smell bread" is a line I'd love to think that Lamb threw out as his final snark. He was mentioning that he was gonna get rich from suing the owner of that house for his injuries. Lamb went out snarking.... Ahhh, a guy can dream, right?

Now, let's all bow our heads and observe a moment of silence in memory of one Don Lamb.