The fallout from Jax's dalliance with Faith continues to create chaos on Vanderpump Rules.

After Lala told Ariana that there's audio of Jax trashing Brittany from the night he slept with Faith, Lala and Ariana decided to share the recording with Brittany at her and Jax's housewarming party last week. This was, understandably, a breaking point for the Southern belle, who turned her wrath on her boyfriend of two years — but they weren't the only couple to nearly come to blows over the recording.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Monday's episode, Sandoval continues to stand by his bestie Jax through this latest development. This isn't surprising, given that he was able to forgive Jax for sleeping with Kristen. What is shocking, however, is Sandoval's inconsiderate insistence that Ariana should have had Jax's back too.

"You should have had the f---ing wherewithal to know that like, maybe, it's not the right time to tell her this," a pissed off Sandoval tells Ariana, before adding: "I'm really mad at you for this."

This prompts Ariana into the type of outburst we've never seen from the typically calm, cool and collected member of the group.

Ariana proceeds to then storm out on Sandoval and the boys, and we're curious as to how the two were able to reconcile after this explosive encounter. But hey, if Jax and James are now BFFs, anything is possible, right?

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.