Jax Taylor is an expert at deflection. (He admitted so himself in the first part of the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion last week.) He's also a liar and a cheater, which makes it hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth except maybe this. And so when a question over Jax's infidelity comes down to believing Jax's word over Faith's, it's hard to know who to believe.

In this exclusive clip from Part 2 of the Vanderpump Reunion, host Andy Cohen asks Ariana point blank who her source is that makes her so certain that Jax cheated on Brittany with Faith multiple times. The self-proclaimed comedienne revealed that she got the information from Faith herself --or at least Faith telling James and other people who then told Ariana. (James face when he gets dragged into this is so priceless.)

Despite the fact that, to our knowledge, Faith has been completely upfront about the cheating scandal — even regarding the details they did the deed near a sleeping old lady — and Jax has proven time and again he can't be trusted, what happens next does raise some questions. After the allegation is resurfaced, Jax maintains he only slept with Faith once. "I swear on my father," he insists.

Vanderpump Rules: 13 Times Jax Taylor Proved He Can't Be Trusted

Given Jax's tearful breakdown over his father's recent death in last week's episode, it's hard to imagine he would shield himself from a cheating allegation using his father's memory. And in a surprise twist, Lisa Vanderpump actually speaks up to pseudo-defend Jax in the midst of all this.

"She was chasing him, clearly," Lisa says before Jax interrupts to proclaim his accountability in the tryst. "I'm not excusing your behavior or your actions," she clarifies. "But I'm assaying as much as she wanted your gorgeous body, I'm sure, she also wanted to be part of this whole situation. She did. That's why she taped him. It was a premeditated move."

But by bringing up the tape, rather than put Faith in the hot seat or inspire a continued critical look at Jax's behavior, the focus suddenly becomes on whether or not Lala was right to have played the recording of Jax and Faith to Brittany at the party. This leads to quite a heated confrontation between Sandoval and Lala, prompting Lala to drop this irrefutable truth:

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