Michael Trucco Michael Trucco

Could a certain sexy Cylon be heading back to V when the ABC series returns?

Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum says the show isn't done with Michael Trucco's story line yet. "John May may return," he tells TVGuide.com.

When Trucco first appeared as the Fifth Column resistance leader in an April episode, it was discovered that Ryan (Morris Chestnut) had actually already killed May, as shown in a flashback.

Exclusive: V casts Michael Trucco as Fifth Column leader

But is John May actually alive? "That's what they hinted to me," Trucco tells us. "I thought, 'OK, he's dead, but he's coming back?' They're like, 'Nope, he's dead.' I wrote that off as a one-off [appearance], but they made some indication that maybe he'd come back."

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In the interim, Trucco has signed on to USA's legal drama Facing Kate, but since both shows shoot in Vancouver, another V cameo seems feasible. "I would do it again," the actor says. "I think it would be a great twist. I would love to resolve that character and see a little bit more into what made him John May."

Do you want John May to return?