The Unit
So I wasn't wowed by last week's premiere, I must say. A little clunky, a tad far-fetched, Dennis Haysbert shot a mule in fact, the complete opposite of last night's episode. The new episode's pace was tight, the situations slightly more believable and not a single beast of burden was shot or otherwise maimed, which I call a good day. (Yeah, the mule thing really stuck with me.)

There was the bang-bang piece, sure Jonas and the boys hunting down your run-of-the-mill radioactive weapon on the Serengeti and running into a wanted terrorist but it was the home-front scenes that really made last night sizzle. You had the FBI guy all up in Bob's face trying to get him to rat out his team re: the airplane rescue which, of course, he didn't. And don't forget the base shrink drilling Molly on who shot the mirror in her house it was Jonas, sure, but she sure as hell wasn't gonna tell the shrink, since the military tends to frown on shots being fired on base for no reason. Man, Regina Taylor's good. Have I mentioned that yet? 'Cause she is. The writers even snuck in a little politickin' there at the end the captured terrorist asks Jonas if he'll be tortured during questioning, and Jonas simply says, "Thats illegal." Not a yes, not a no, just a straight shot of reality about these times in which we live. Sigh. Overall a good episode, though I only ask that Kim get slightly less annoying and that Robert Patrick get a whole lot more screen time, and I'll be a happy camper. Oh, and I'll shut up about the mule.