Suzanne Somers Suzanne Somers

It's hard to deny the power of infomercials. Why else would we buy body-warming Snuggies or send our gold to Ed McMahon and MC Hammer for cash? Infomercials have grabbed our attention, gotten stuck in our heads and even led to some late-night purchases.

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To celebrate the most successful "as seen on TV" products, TV Guide Network is taking a look at the 25 most memorable of the bunch. Here are a few gems that made the list:


Ginsu knives: If it weren't for this kitchen tool, we'd be chopping tomatoes with our hands!


Thigh Master: Suzanne Somers showed off her great legs — and greater hairdo — in this 1991 commercial.


The Clapper: Christmas trees, bedside lamps, even strobe lights can be turned on or off with a simple round of applause.


Mr. Microphone: This cordless mic turns any FM radio into a loudspeaker. Plus: It's a total chick magnet. "Hey, good looking; be back to pick you up later," screams one confident owner from his car. All for only $14.88!


Cash for Gold: What did MC Hammer and Ed McMahon do to stay rich in retirement? Sell bling for moolah, of course!


Ahhh Bra: It molds and holds you!


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