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9 TV Reboots We'd Actually Watch

Not every reboot works, but these would be total game-changers

Tatiana Tenreyro

What was old is new again. There have been so many reboots, sequels, requels, and spinoffs of TV favorites announced in the past few years that it's hard to keep track of what won't be re-imagined for a new generation. There's the Buffy revamp that made fans feel like Buffy herself slayed them with a wooden stake, and a Baby-Sitters Club reboot heading to Netflix that should take every '90s kid right back to the days of reading the those books by flashlight.

While some aren't so successful, there are quite a few reboots that worked out well enough. Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zonefeatured some intriguing upgrades and world-building, for example, and The CW's Roswell, New Mexicogives its familiar world a modern spin. Since it's inevitable for many of our favorites to be recycled into reboots, we picked out TV shows we wouldn't being brought back with a new cast -- plus, pitched a few ideas for how they might be able to make the leap into now.

From underrated sitcoms like Living Singleand Undeclared, to classics like The O.C.and Sex and the City, look through the gallery bellow and see what our dream reboots would look like.

PHOTOS: 9 TV Reboots We'd Actually Watch

Sex and the City
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