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The Week in Superlatives: Most Delusional, Tastiest Controversy, and Sickest Villain

Here are the TV moments of the week

Amanda Bell

This week, we get a double dose of entertainment goodness as the fall TV season continues at full steam with a boatload of new broadcast offerings and we begin to celebrate fandemonium at New York Comic Con. Stay tuned as TV Guide brings you all the highlights from the Big Apple convention, but in the meantime, here's our weekly dish of delicious TV superlative prizes.

Most soothing soundtrack: Some of Family Guy's most enjoyable episodes are the ones when one of the characters -- usually Peter, Brian, and/or Stewie -- suddenly latches onto a pop culture relic and the entire episode centers on their fandemonium. Such was the case this week when Peter decided to become obsessed with yacht music. As a result, audiences got treated to the sounds of songs like "Sailing," "Summer Breeze," and "Sentimental Lady," each number so chill that it was hard to even get stressed when everyone on the show was trapped on a sinking cruise ship because saiiiiiiling ....

Most humiliating suck-up: Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) has pretty much been on an all-crow diet throughout Succession's second season, but his sudden sycophancy has never been more secondhand embarrassing than it was in Sunday's episode, which saw him celebrating his father with an amazingly terrible rap number that wasn't supposed to make us laugh or cry but definitely did -- especially once we got a load of those guffawed crowd reaction shots.


Jeremy Strong, Succession


Grimmest glimpse at tomorrow: The Affair's latest episode finally gave grown Joanie (Anna Paquin) some real screen time as she continued her studies and, uh, personal side-treks in Montauk. And while the episode was really about her stumbling upon the fact that Alison (Ruth Wilson) was probably murdered by Ben (Ramon Rodriguez), contrary to everything she'd ever known about her biological mother, the most stunning part came when she laid out to her husband just how hopeless life on Earth was for them in this new climate change-addled reality as they faced the prospect of an uninhabitable planet within the matter of mere years. Aghh!

Most gutting cliffhanger: The first episode of9-1-1's two-part tsunami epic aired on Monday, and it was exactly as wild as it was hyped to be. The sight of the Santa Monica Pier being demolished by a massive tidal wave was devastating enough, but then we got a hero focus on Buck (Oliver Stark) and little Christopher (Gavin McHugh) as they struggled to survive the storm. At first, things went swimmingly enough for them, pardon the pun, but then the wave changed course and separated the two. We want to believe this show wouldn't give us an unhappy ending for these two, but Episode 2 is supposedly going to "rip people's hearts out," so now we're really nervous.

Sickest villain: The second episode of Prodigal Son did not slow down a bit as Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) continued to navigate his intense personal issues while investigating some very macabre crime scenes. The cast promised us that the murder investigations ahead would be daring and completely original, and they were right about that. The latest batch of serial killer victims included a family who were fed, chained to their seats, tortured, and poisoned together -- but that's not even the weird part. The father was also stuffed with a snake just to ramp up the sickness. When confronted, the killer in question tried to treat his own young family to a similar poisonous end, and, yeah, this show is officially not holding back, y'all.

Keiko Agena, Prodigal Son

Keiko Agena, Prodigal Son

Peter Kramer/ FOX

Most delusional: Oh, Beth Ann (Ginnifer Goodwin). Sweet, dim-witted Beth Ann. The latest episode of Why Women Kill saw our '60s housewife blissful in her belief that she might be able to somehow convince her husband's mistress to give her the baby and go away. What's even crazier is that she wasn't even the most gullible person in the show. Taylor (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) is also learning just how much she hasn't learned about Jade (Alexandra Daddario) -- including her real name and why she really couldn't make things work with her ex. Dun dun dun!

Tastiest controversy: There's a lot to say about Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series The Politician -- antique commodes! Gwyneth Paltrow's self-parodying! -- but the thing that audiences really can't seem to get over is how much of a glow-up the Olive Garden got in the series, and the resulting tweets have been a mixture of deep appreciation for giving the O.G. a facelift to serious discontent over the chain restaurant's misrepresentation in the streaming series.

These tweets are almost as unlimited as the bread sticks, so if you're looking for a Twitter trend to snack on, The Politician gripes are pretty delicious. 'Til next time!