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All the Lyrics to Kendall on Succession's Embarrassing, Amazing Rap

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Christopher Rosen

Not since Marnie covered Kanye West has an HBO series given viewers such stomach-turning, second-hand embarrassment as Kendall Roy's (Jeremy Strong) rap on Sunday night's Succession.

"It is burning my eyes but I cannot look away," says Tabitha (Caitlin Fitzgerald), with a rictus of stunned disbelief while watching Kendall spit rhymes about stanning his father as part of a tribute to the Roy family patriarch (Brian Cox). Clocking in at just over 100 seconds, the unnamed song (which we'll call "L to the OG" on account of its ear-worm chorus) is not just the most memorable part of this incredible Season 2 of Succession, but also should be the cornerstone of Jeremy Strong's future Emmys campaign. (Lead? Supporting? Does it matter? Just give him an Emmy in 2020 and maybe a Grammy too.)

Even Succession's Alan Ruck Says Connor is Way Over His Head

"The idea of Kendall rapping was, I remember, I was thinking, if you heard a billionaire's son had done that, you'd be like, yeah, it sounds like the sort of toe-curling thing you might see on Instagram," Succession creator Jesse Armstrong said about the rap during the Inside the Episode feature that ran at the conclusion of Sunday's eighth episode. "I think it's pretty embarrassing. It's also kind of good."

To which we'd respond: where is the lie?

Maybe it's the pulsing beat of the song (cooked up, as Kendall says, by "my boy Squiggle"), which is at least in the same area code as Nicholas Britell's all-time, Emmy-winning Succession theme song. Maybe it's Strong's full commitment to the bit and the way it pays off his first-ever scene on Succession when he's shown rapping along to the Beastie Boys' "An Open Letter to NYC." Maybe it's the lyrics, fully transcribed below*, which are both super simplistic and outright hilarious:

Born on the North Bank
King of the East Side
Fifty years strong, now he's rollin' in a sick ride
Handmade suits
Raking in loot
Five-star general, y'all best salute, yo
Bitches be catty
But the king's my daddy
Rock all the haters while we go roll a fatty
Squiggle on the decks
Kenny on the rhymes
And Logan big ballin' on Hamptons time
L to the OG
Dude be the OG
A-N he playin'
Playin' like a pro, see
L to the OG
Dude be the OG
A-N he playin'
Playin' like a pro
A1 ratings, 80K wine
Never gonna stop, baby, f--- Father Time, bro
Don't get it twisted
I've been through hell
But since I stan dad, I'm alive and well
Shaper of views
Creator of news
Father of many, paid all his dues
So don't try to run
Your mouth at the king
Just pucker up, bitch, and go kiss the ring
L to the OG
Dude be the OG
A-N he playin'
When I say, L, you say O-G
L to the OG
L to the OG
L to the OG
L to the OG
L to the OG

L to the motherf---in' OG

Or maybe it's just the reaction shots, which are *chef's kiss* and provide memes for all seasons.


Hiam Abbass and Brian Cox, Succession


Kieran Culkin, Succession


Caitlin Fitzgerald and Kieran Culkin, Succession


J. Smith-Cameron, Succession


Alan Ruck, Succession


Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen, Succession


Holly Hunter, Succession


Nicholas Braun, Succession


The cast of Succession


Hiam Abbass, Brian Cox, and Jeremy Strong, Succession


Drop the mic, Ken-W.A.; you've earned it.

*Transcribed to the best of our ability! The HBO closed captioning only goes so far!

Succession airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO