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The Week in Superlatives: Dumbest Feud, Raddest Reunion, and the Dress That Punched Us in the Feels

All that plus a dinner party with Sharon Stone and a monkey

Amanda Bell

It's been another one of those weeks on the TV scene. With two of the small screen's most lovable moms tied up in one jaw-dropping college fraud scheme, bananas doesn't even begin to describe it. But there were other noteworthy events on and around the small screen this week, too, so here's a look at some of moments you won't want to miss from this week.

Raddest reunion: On Sunday night's episode of Ride with Norman Reedus, the actor connected with Sean Patrick Flanery for the Boondocks Saints reunion we didn't know we needed. Considering that all their target shooting and engine-revving throughout the Lone Star State came just after Reedus' Daryl Dixon threw down with Beta on The Walking Dead, the actor was having an extra badass day.

Creepiest cultural obsession: Why yes, yes we did spend an awful lot of time listening to people deep-dive into the question of whether Cassie Randolph deflowered The Bachelor's Colton Underwood. For some reason, it's been open season on questions about Colton's V-card status lately, and based on his post-show coyness, we suspect this topic isn't going to stop coming up anytime soon.

Best a capella moment: Talk about skills to pay the bills. On this week's episode of American Soul, Kendall (Jelani Winston) and Simone (Katlyn Nichol) prove they can easily gig their way to Chicago by whipping out an incredible impromptu performance of "Stand By Me" in a van. This culminates in the pair hitting up a cowboy bar and wowing the crowd with Motown music. It's all so feel-good and whimsical that it's bound to get your head bopping right along with 'em.

Wildest cameo party: Better Things brought in both Sharon Stone and a monkey for an impromptu dinner party, and ... well, you can't get a much more eclectic guest star list than that, now can you?

GIF of the week: MasterChef Junior delivered the goods with its season premiere this week, as the littles were asked to combine their kitchen activities with a cruel round of three-legged racing -- times four. While the kids ended up doing a pretty great job at assembling their banana splits while tethered together, hilarity still ensued as certain wee contestants bemoaned the others' lack of coordination and one poor kid went splat (note: he was totally fine and uninjured). The kids got some major payback against the judges, though, when they got to turn the grown-ups into actual banana splits, and, naturally, the children were very, very enthused about this process. Who wouldn't want to watch Gordon Ramsay get a la mode-d?


MasterChef Junior

Dumbest feud: Katie has been at the center of a lot of TomTom fights on Vanderpump Rules, but this week's had to be the most irritating in a while. Despite all the work James has done on himself, Katie demands Schwartz dis-invite him from the Mexico trip. This causes Sandoval to finally snap on his partner's wife, giving us an epic encounter in SUR's back alley that felt like vintage Vanderpump.

Best all-denim ensemble: Ike Barinholtz guest-starred on Brooklyn Nine-Nineas Gintars, Nikolaj's (Antonio Raul Corbo) Latvian birth father. In addition to having a hysterically bad accent, his outfit was loud and proud. Before Gintars is ID-ed, Jake (Andy Samberg) puts his investigative skills to work and says, "Judging by the head-to-toe denim, I'm thinking he's either not American or deeply American. I'm thinking Ukraine or Kentucky." Nailed it.

Suckiest cancellation: Netflix's One Day at a Time felt like home to a lot of people, so while we can't say we didn't see this coming, it's still incredibly disappointing to see the sitcom go. Here's hoping Lin Manuel-Miranda's new campaign to save the show will work out!

The dress that punched us in the feels: We still haven't gotten to see Caroline (Candice King) appear on Legacies, but there have been pieces of her, ahem, legacy scattered throughout the show. This week, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) competed in the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Since there's no one fromThe Vampire Diaries world who cared more about that event than Caroline, the episode *screamed* for a tribute, and fans got one alright. Rather than donning something new, Hope wore the dress that her late father Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had given Caroline in another life, and whew. It was an emotional wallop all right.

Binge of the week: Hulu's Shrillgives Aidy Bryant the space she deserves to entertain and delight with its story of a kind-hearted woman who decides to do away with bad body-shaming rubbish.

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Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC