Tuesday night, 8:22 pm. That's when they got me. If you were here last week, you know I was skeptical about this whole sea-monster situation and I must confess, I tuned in to Episode 2 with my eyes primed and ready to roll. And then I saw the baby beastie. How cute was that thing? I kinda want one to swim around in my bathtub and electrocute my goldfish. Yeah, yeah, so it'll grow up to eat aircraft carriers and possibly take over the Earth but lookit! With the blinky eyes and little flippers! Can we keep him?

Meanwhile, Dr. Laura (not that one), her son and Fisherman Rick snoop around the South Carolina coast trying to get a glimpse of the beached "whale" that's got the military's skivvies in a bunch. Poor impressionable Jesse, decked out in camouflage and crouching in a hagfish-filled swamp, finally has to wonder, "Mom, are we breaking the law?" You know whose kids don't have to ask that question? People who have baby-sitters. Just a suggestion.

One Life to Live and/or Judging Amy fans, can I get a what-what on that cruel bit of recasting from last week? As recently as the "previously on," Miles' mom was played by the delightfully sassy Jessica Tuck and within the first 15 seconds this week, whammo! Same pink suit, different blonde actress. I'm sure Mom No. 2 is perfectly capable, but my love for Megan Gordon Harrison knows no bounds. Joe Lando knows what I'm talking about.

Oh, and one other tidbit worth noting: When the big bad sea-beasties get blasted open with lasers, the force'll flay your face right off. Fortunately, the resulting oozy green wounds actually put you in a state of hibernation from which you'll emerge better stronger and the perfect draw to bring viewers back for Episode 3.