Tsunami dog Tsunami dog

VIDEO: Tsunami Dog Is the Internet Hero of the Day

In the video below, a dog and her owner are reunited after being separated from each other by the Japanese tsunami for the past three weeks. The dog was found floating on a roof Friday and as a result of a TV news story about the rescue (included in the latter part of the video), her owner was able to track her pet down at an animal care center. Who knows what that dog endured in its three weeks alone in tsunami-torn Japan, but you can bet she did it with nary a complaint. That fact makes this whole scene exponentially inspiring. Next time you feel like complaining about a broken nail or a fast-food line that's too long, think to yourself, "What would tsunami dog do?" Surely, she wouldn't complain — she doesn't even have vocal cords.

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Watch the tear-jerking, heartstring-tugging, day-making, life-changing reunion below: