Gabriel Byrne Gabriel Byrne

In Treatment is back (season premiere Sunday, 9 pm/ET, HBO), and this season, newly divorced Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) starts fresh with a new Brooklyn brownstone and four new patients. Let's meet them!

Played by: Hope Davis
Air Date: Sundays, 9 pm/ET
Mia is a 43-year-old attorney who used to be Paul's patient in her 20s. She returns when Paul asks her firm to represent him in a malpractice suit stemming from last season's events. She was recently dumped by her married boyfriend, who now has a new mistress. Plus, she has mommy issues!

Played by: Alison Pill
Air Date: Sundays, 9:25 pm/ET
April, a 23-year-old undergraduate student, is extremely protective of her autistic brother. She has come to see Paul because she has a life-threatening issue that she can't tell her parents. Accepting help is difficult for her.

Played by: Aaron Shaw
Air Date: Mondays, 9 pm/ET
Sixth-grader Oliver is conflicted about his parents' impending divorce, and sometimes turns to food for comfort. 

Played by: John Mahoney
Air Date: Mondays, 9:25 pm/ET
High-powered CEO Walter is having trouble sleeping. He worries about his college-aged daughter who is currently working in a clinic in Rwanda.

Played by: Dianne Wiest
Air Date: Mondays, 9:55 pm/ET
As in the first season, Paul ends the week by seeking the guidance of his former mentor Gina. She gives a deposition in Paul's lawsuit, and is helping him through the changes in his life.