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Each week, will round up the producers and cast of Torchwood: Miracle Day to answer your burning post-episode questions. In Friday's premiere, "The New World," humanity is hit with immortality, causing panic around the globe. CIA colleagues Rex and Esther begin investigating the phenomenon. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Gwen, the last remnant of Torchwood, compelling Captain Jack's sudden return.

Torchwood Miracle Day's Eve Myles: Without Captain Jack, Gwen is in a strange, lost place

Where did Captain Jack go after he left Gwen and Rhys at the end of Children of Earth?
It's a mystery — and it looks like it might remain one for the entire season. "We don't know where he went," says John Barrowman. "That is yet to be discovered." But he does have his own theory about Jack's between-season backstory. "He went away and he tried to deal with his issues. He tried to sort things out, things that have gone on in the past and, of course, his losses. He then came back to Earth where he remained hidden, so he could keep an eye on Gwen and keep Torchwood under wraps, crushing every instance of it. But then miracle day happens..."

Rex hasn't bonded with the Torchwood crew very well — the hole in his chest probably doesn't help — and Eve Myles revealed that he's about to do something unforgivable to Gwen. What is it? "Well, that's Gwen's opinion," says Mekhi Phifer. "It's the way Rex does it that seems bad, but in actuality, with all the stuff the world is going through, it actually works out in her favor." Viewers won't have to wait too long to find out what he does to Gwen — the moment comes in Episode 2 — but it's pretty bad, especially for a new mum! "Rex is misunderstood in the beginning, he sort of comes off like an a--hole. But he's a confident, courageous guy with good intentions." As for that wound? "I'll be nursing it through the entire series," Phifer shares. Ouch.

Torchwood hits America: Captain Jack and the gang get racy, explosive in Miracle Day

What's up with the way Oswald looks? Is there something weird about Bill Pullman's face — or is it just me? Pullman says the change in Oswald's facial musculature is all him. "I think the whole thing of what happens to him physically, having survived what he did, that was felt in my body," he says. "Being near death and coming out of it would be such an effort and a reshape. So that was definitely in play, yes. I was also intrigued by the effect of people who are pedophiles. There is almost something in their face you can chart, there's a kind of slackness. I thought it was an important place to go, one that I hadn't gone before [in my career], so I had to be focused about it."

Gwen's baby was pretty excited to have mom shooting it up next to her when that helicopter arrived. What did they do to keep the baby happy?
Not much! "Truthfully, she was the most perfect-acting baby I've ever seen!" says Russell T. Davies. "Gwen's firing away and the baby was smiling like it's Christmas day. It was the most perfect shot in the world. I loved it. And originally, they shot it with a dummy baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes I think. I saw it and just said, 'There is no way.' When I was writing that moment, I laughed out loud as I typed that scene. So we had to go back and shoot it with the real thing, and I was right. It was magnetic!"

Torchwood airs Fridays at 10/9c on Starz. What did you think of the premiere episode? What burning questions do you have?