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With six chefs left on this week's Top Chef, Padma & Co. decided to take a trip to Washington, D.C.'s Nationals Park. But instead of enjoying a ball game, the cheftestants were left to man the concession stand for a stadium filled with hungry fans.

Top Chef's Alex: I didn't steal Ed's pea puree

While the judges thought Tiffany's and Ed's concession creations were home runs, they found some serious flaws in the others' dishes — especially Amanda Baumgarten's oxidized tuna tartare. Find out what the Los Angeles native had to say about choosing a raw fish dish for the ballpark challenge and what was the hardest part of her experience. What did you think of the judges' decision?
Amanda: The thing is it's a game. It's just a big, drawn-out game show, and someone goes home, and I went home. I tried not to overthink it, and because of that reason, I've been able to maintain a sense of sanity. I try not to dissect the judging. Do you think you deserved to go?
Amanda: I think that decision isn't up to me, which is really great. What would you have done differently?
Amanda: Nothing. I mean, maybe I would have tartare-d the tuna the day of, but maybe I wouldn't have Well, did you know it would oxidize?
Amanda: I knew there was a possibility of that happening, but I also didn't know if I was going to be able to tartare it there. I didn't know what the set-up was going to be. So why did you opt to make tuna tartare?
Amanda: I honestly don't know. At that point, I was really, really tired, and the thing is, I didn't have a good idea of what I wanted to do. I was just beat. What was the hardest part of the experience?
Amanda: It's just every day, going around, racing, pushing. I think, towards the end, I was running out of gas. I fought really hard to stay there as long as I did. I didn't get lucky; I fought for it. I was definitely an underdog towards the end. And just to put some closure on the pea puree drama, Alex said last week that you can vouch for him. Can you?
Amanda: Yeah, I've told everyone so far that he made it next to me. He didn't steal it.