Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
8/7c CBS
We were just getting used to "Shamy!" when this October repeat first aired. Sheldon had been dating Amy (Mayim Bialik) for awhile, so he moved into the inevitable meet-the parents stage of his relationship. When he meets Amy's mom, he also realizes that he no longer wants to see Amy. Unfortunately, it looks like this bud of love isn't going to blossom. — Bill Ecklund

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Sesame Street

9 a.m./8c PBS
Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters) turns up to discuss "dozen" with Elmo on today's "Word on the Street" segment. In other goings-on, Oscar sets out to give his mom the worst Grouchy Mother's Day ever by making sure everything goes wrong, but his sister Bunny gives him a run for his money.  — Jeff Gemmill

Back to the Future
6/5c AMC
Michael J. Fox is at the wheel of this hysterical, historical joyride as AMC goes back-to-back-to-back with all three entries in the time-traveling "Back to the Future" film franchise. In the 1985 original, Fox's time machine steers him to 1955, where he meets his parents-to-be as teens. The sequel, Back to the Future Part II (1989), has him shuttling between 2015 and 1955 in an effort to rescue his kids; and 1990's Back to the Future Part III finds Fox moseying into the Old West, circa 1885. — Ray Stackhouse

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Happy New Year, Charlie Brown 8/7c ABC That Charlie Brown sure knows how to partay. In tonight's first holiday charmer (from 1986) Chuck rings in the New Year at a party with Tolstoy's War and Peace

, which he has to read over the holidays. He does take part in some of the festivities before settling down to the tome — only to miss the evening's surprise. Then, Snoopy (who's "crabby but a good teacher") helps Peppermint Patty train for her first ice-skating competition in 1980's She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown. — Paul DroeschWhen Harvey Met Bob9/8c BBC America An estimated 1.5 billion viewers across 100 countries watched the Live Aid concerts on July 13, 1985, making for one of the most iconic moments in rock music history. This feature-length docudrama looks at how the event came to be, from the moment Bob Geldof (Domhnall Gleeson) conceived the idea to his partnership with legendary music promoter Harvey Goldsmith (Ian Hart), and the roller-coaster ride that followed. — Karen Kelty

Women's Basketball
9/8c ESPN2
A week after surpassing the 88-game winning streak of John Wooden's UCLA Bruins, Geno Auriemma's Connecticut Huskies ironically headed to California---as if the late Wizard of Westwood wanted a word — for a game at Pacific on Tuesday and tonight's showdown with Stanford. The visit to Palo Alto is not just another stop on UConn's double-digit victory tour, however, as the Cardinal entered the week with the distinction of being the last team to defeat Geno's squad (in a 2008 NCAA semifinal). Coach Tara VanDerveer and Co. also put a real scare into the Huskies in last April's championship game until Maya Moore (23 points, 11 boards) came to the rescue for consecutive win No. 78. — Roger Leister

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Bones9/8c Fox In this repeat from April, the series' 100th episode digs deeper into the complex relationship between Brennan and Booth. It starts when Sweets thinks he's got them figured out for his new book, but he's astonished when he learns the truth about the first time they worked together. So cue the flashbacks to six years ago, chuckle at Zack and Hodgins' antics in the lab and check out the fireworks that could change your perception of the ongoing Brennan-Booth saga. — Joe Friedrich