Glee Glee

8/7c Fox
It's Halloween. What's a Gleek to do?  Let's put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show! The reason that New Directions is putting its spin on the 1975 cult classic (at least according to the plot) is that Emma's a big fan and Will wants to impress Emma, so... it's time for "Time Warp." That's Kurt underneath the bald Riff-Raff wig, by the way. Movie alums Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf are in the guest cast, playing station managers at the TV station where Sue Sylvester hurls her "As Sue Sees It" darts. And, yes, Sue's scheming to stop the show. — Paul Droesch

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Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy The peril of visiting unexplored worlds is that it's somewhat like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: When you set foot on an alien planet, you never know what you're going to get, or what's going to get you. Case in point: Lt. Scott meets an aggressive plant-like creature that sends him on a long, strange trip. — Michael Chant

30 for 30

8/7c ESPN Pitching phenoms come and go in baseball, from Mark Fidrych to Hideo Nomo to Stephen Strasburg, and we're captivated by their brilliance for however long it lasts. But Fernando Valenzuela may top the list in the ESPN era, hence tonight's 30 for 30 installment of "Fernando Nation." Director Cruz Angeles, Mexican-born like Valenzuela, takes us back to the stunning 1981 season of the pudgy 20-year-old Dodgers rookie lefty who developed a signature look skyward during his windup before unleashing a nearly unhittable screwball. Woven into the documentary is Fernando's impact on L.A.'s Mexican-American community, which was torn apart in the early 1960s when Dodger Stadium was built at Chavez Ravine. — Roger Leister

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NBA Basketball
7:30/6:30c TNT
Just as the Celtics did three years ago, the Miami Heat arrive at opening night with renewed energy after tripling their superstar quotient, bringing in two-time MVP LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade in an overwhelming trio of talent. Their first test just happens to be those Celtics, whose "Big 3" of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce had owned the recent Wade-only version of the Heat to the tune of 15-2, including a 4-1 first-round playoff wipeout last spring. Boston is hardly ready to hand the Eastern crown to the "Three Kings," who appear to feel destined to be accepting rings in 2011 the way the Lakers will before the second half of tonight's TNT doubleheader against Yao Ming and the Rockets. — Roger Leister

8/7c PBS
The miraculous rescue of the 33 Chilean miners is examined. The report focuses on the efforts of the three rescue teams that worked to punch through the half-mile of rock to reach them, the engineering feats that brought the men to the surface, and the physical and psychological impact that the miners' 69-day ordeal, which started on Aug. 5, 2010, may have caused them. — Jeff Gemmill

Dance Cam Slam
10/9c VH1
No doubt VH1 is hoping to capture the audience from Dancing with the Stars, the ABC hit that precedes this dance competition premiere. In the first two rounds, contestants dance simultaneously to the same pop song on their home webcams and VH1's judges pick a winner. In the third round, the winners of the first two rounds compete against each other, and in subsequent episodes, the previous week's winner, and viewers select the winner of the $5000 cash prize. Marianela is the host. — Fred Mitchell

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Auction Kings10/9c Discovery If you're going to work at Gallery 63 for auctioneer Paul Brown, you're going to come across some weird things, like rocks from outer space and the occasional WWII artifact. In the reality series debut, a kit for killing vampires is unearthed, which begs the question: "How would you know if a vampire-killing kit works?" — Michael