Modern Family Modern Family

Modern Family
9/8c ABC
A fast-paced world calls for cutting-edge technology, but as far as Claire is concerned, all the electronic devices at the Dunphys' disposal have rendered face-to-face household communication obsolete. So she decides to get the family in touch with their inner Luddites by declaring a one-week moratorium on texting, IMing and Internet use, which the kids find nothing to LOL about. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell hit the demographic jackpot when they try to get Lily into the best preschool. — Joe Friedrich

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Criminal Minds

9/8c CBS
The "Prince of Darkness" case, which came to its conclusion in this season's opener, deeply affected Morgan and forged a bond between the agent and the rescued child, Ellie Spicer, played by Isabella Murad. Tonight, as the team tries to catch a killer targeting families in the Midwest, Ellie runs away from her foster family to find Morgan, who seems as close as family to her. — Bill Ecklund

Survivor: Nicaragua
8/7c CBS
Last week, the players were dealt a shock, as the young and old tribes were busted up. Tonight the stakes are raised considerably when the newly formed tribes learn that each team must eliminate a player. Look for teh claws to come out as each contesntant competes for individual immunity — not tribal immunity.

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America's Next Top Model

8/7c CW
Ann is running away with the competition, having won five straight best photos — a first for the series. The camera loves the awkward-angled gal and so do the judges, but they want to see her shine more at panel. If the other models are going to catch up, perhaps tonight is the night, because the ladies visit the Grammy Museum and learn one of them will be chosen to be a Grammy Girl for the 2011 awards show. Gangly Ann isn't likely to win, so some other girls may be able to take the spotlight from her, if only briefly. At the photo shoot, the models portray iconic fashion designers.  — Tim Holland

Law & Order: Los Angeles
10/9c NBC
After a fatal meth lab explosion kills two children, Winters and TJ join in the search for the dealer's family. The duo qucikly find themselves working with the federal government, as is soon becomes clear the people responsible for the explosion are plotting something even more destructive.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Inside Story

With a new film this year in the long A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Freddy is fresh again in people's minds, or, rather nightmares. It's a perfect time for a retrospective of Wes Craven's original 1984 horror classic and the films that followed. Part 1 of this two-part documentary (concluding tomorrow) includes interviews with directors and actors, deleted footage, and behind-the-scenes film footage and photographs. Sweet dreams! — Bill Ecklund

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
9/8c NBC
|Tonight's episode features a number of guest stars, including Michael Gladis, Kevin Alejandro, Jason Wiles and David Alan Grier. It also marks the debut of Melissa Sagemiller as the new ADA, Jill Hardwicke. Her first case is both violent and complicated: A man gets beaten and branded on his chest, and soon another victim turns up. Detectives have trouble finding a link between the victims initially, but then memories surface and result in a dramatic shift in the investigation. —Jennifer Sankowski

In Performance at the White House
9/8c PBS
Nathan Lane emcees a  White House celebration of songs from American musicals that's headlined by "Rachel's mom" Idina Menzel, Obie Award winner Brian d'Arcy James, Tony Award-winning soprano Audra McDonald, Tony Award winners Karen Olivo and Tonya Pinkins, and composer Marvin Hamlisch. Also on the bill: Chad Kimball, who wowed audiences in Memphis, 12-year-old newcomer Assata Atston and a youth ensemble from the Joy of Motion Dance