Raymond Cruz, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad Raymond Cruz, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
10 pm/ET AMC
The second-season opener simmers with an unsettling intensity and gripping, jaw-dropping drama. Having watched loco Tuco (Raymond Cruz) "beat a dude to death...for nothing," Walt and Jesse decide that however lucrative their business "arrangement" is with the psychotic pusher, they need to get out of it. Impetuous Jesse cooks up a half-baked plan of attack, but cooler-headed Walt concocts a more surefire way to take care of the bane of their existence. — Ray Stackhouse

Desperate Housewives
9 pm/ET ABC
The promos are promising a murder. Who will it be? Not Edie, even though she'll be outta here soon (and probably feet first). But tonight , she will discover that Dave is up to something nefarious. Meanwhile, Tom Scavo is going to need a job now that he has decided to sell the pizzeria. Look for Bree to offer her help — and look for Orson to suffer as a result. And over at casa Solis, look for Gaby to face the consequences of her bonus-blackmail skullduggery. Enjoy that bracelet, Gaby! — Paul Droesch

Big Love
9 pm/ET HBO
After the family's tumultuous road trip a few weeks ago, it was hard to imagine how this series could ratchet up the drama any more. But after Kathy's death last Sunday — the result of Roman's thirst for revenge — it's clear one shouldn't underestimate the producers' knack for emotional storytelling. So one could assume tonight's episode will be just as absorbing, especially when Bill wants charges filed against Roman by a prosecutor — the same one who wants to know about "that other guy" in Nicki's life. — Joe Friedrich

Keeping up with the Kardashians
10 pm/ET E!
Kim & Co. are back for a third season of crazy and chaotic socialite living. But things take a serious turn when Khloe is sent to prison for not attending her DUI classes, a violation of her parole. Re-visiting the courtroom causes mom Kris to confront some unresolved issues concerning her late ex-husband. This season promises a whole new set of challenges for everyone as they try to remain a family while navigating their way through the Hollywood spotlight.

Candy Girls
10:30 pm/ET E!
What are "candy girls," you ask? They're the sought-after divas in all those hip-hop music videos, and if you want more information on them, then this is the show for you. This new reality series focuses on a talent agency that casts these "eye candy" and kicks off with founder Danielle concerned about the performances of a new girl on a video set for MIMS.

The Simpsons
8 pm/ET Fox
Ned Flanders is the Simpsons' new landlord? Indeedily doodily! After years of taking home-equity loans to finance his annual Mardi Gras parties, Homer must finally pay the piper when the mortgage company forecloses and sells his house at auction. Luckily, good neighbor Ned Flanders buys the house and rents it back to the Simpsons — a decision he comes to regret. — Fred Mitchell

The L Word
9 pm/ET Showtime
It's been one L of a ride for this long-running, landmark cable dramedy, and in the series finale, the league of lesbians say so long to life in La-La Land and take their leave. After six seasons of a leitmotif loaded with loving, lusting, lunacy, lascivious and libidinal behavior, lacerating wit and lurid comingling, it all comes to an end. Expect the mystery of who slew Jenny to be solved, and appropriately enough, the detective in charge is played by Lucy Lawless. — Ray Stackhouse