TV can't seem to get enough of Tom Hiddleston these days. Fans can catch the Brit in Marvel's spinoff Lokiwhen it lands on Disney+ next year and he'll get top billing on the new Netflix political drama White Stork. The producers behind Sex Education have created the 10-episode series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hiddleston is slated to play a parliament candidate named James Cooper, a seemingly upstanding man who is hiding potentially career and marriage ending secrets that could cost him the election and the influential campaign donors who are backing him. No word yet on who will play Asher Millan, the professional background checker who is hired to vet Cooper.

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Jericho writer Chris Dunlop created, wrote and executive produced White Stork alongside Eleven, the firm behind Sex Education. Kristoffer Nyholm of Taboo fame has been tapped to direct. The series was initially being developed for AMC, according to Variety, and was originally called Spadehead.

This isn't Hiddleston's first foray into TV. In 2016, he starred in the AMC miniseries The Night Manager, a role that earned him a Golden Globe.