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Happy 200th episode, Dancing With the Stars! In honor of the event (9/8c, ABC), Tom Bergeron — the ringmaster of TV's hottest show — discusses this season's highs and lows so far. (Hint: Inappropriate groping counts as both!)

TV Guide Magazine: Two hundred episodes! How would you rate the first part of Season 11?
Bergeron: It's hard to not assess it in the shadow of last season. Season 10, there were tabloid stories about Kate [Gosselin] and Pam [Anderson] and Jake [Pavelka] from the moment they were cast, building anticipation. That happened this time with Bristol [Palin] and the Situation [Mike Sorrentino].

TV Guide Magazine: Disappointed that there haven't been more fireworks?
Bergeron: Always. I'm not happy unless there's a little bit of bloodshed.

TV Guide Magazine: Instead of groping each other, this season the cast seems to be groping your backside.
Bergeron: Florence [Henderson] grabbed my front. I didn't expect to be crotch-grinding with Mama Brady.

TV Guide Magazine: What were you thinking when that happened?
Bergeron: Don't enjoy this too much on national television.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you worried that high-scorer Jennifer Grey is taking all the suspense out of the ending?
Bergeron: No, because she's having a really hard time, physically. And emotionally it's taking a toll, too. As the season plays out, I just don't think you're going to be seeing a repeat of last season, where one person [Nicole Scherzinger] is blowing ahead.

TV Guide Magazine: What's with the bottle of booze in your dressing room?
Bergeron: That's the Situation's vodka, infused with protein. I haven't dared to crack it open.

TV Guide Magazine: Vodka with protein?
Bergeron: It's supposed to be healthy. While you're destroying your liver, you're building muscle.

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