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Time Bandits Is Your Next TV Adaptation to Complain About

Reboot it all!

Tim Surette

Soon your entire childhood will be repackaged for today's audience, so why wait for death to flash your life before your eyes when you can just turn on the TV?

The latest bit of Gen X nostalgia to get pulled out of its coffin is Terry Gilliam's 1981 fantasy film classic Time Bandits, which is being adapted into a television show by Apple, says Deadline. The film followed a time-traveling boy who leapt from one important historical moment to the next with a band of thieving dwarves, and used Gilliam's trademark vision to give it a particularly eerie, eccentric and English feel. Gilliam is on board as a producer, but not as a writer or director. The series is still early in development and Apple has not yet ordered a season.

Apple is going gangbusters to break into the original programming business, with massive deals with big stars and properties in place. Projects from Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan, J.J. Abrams and more are in development, but Apple is still keeping its plans secret. The company has released a few exclusive shows already, but has yet to fully launch a streaming-TV brand. That'll change soon.

Time Bandits

Time Bandits

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