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Yikes! Tila Tequila Was Removed From Celebrity Big Brother for Pro-Nazi Views

Even Celebrity Big Brother has SOME standards

Jessica Roy

That was fast!

One day into production on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, Tila Tequila got the boot for her pro-Nazi views, which she had shared on her social media accounts previously. "The views Tila had expressed, and permitted to remain uncorrected, are totally unacceptable and, accordingly, her continued involvement in the [program] was untenable," Channel 5 said in a statement. On the show Tequila, born Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, started talking about Adolf Hitler (because that's the sort of thing that comes up frequently in casual conversations with strangers), and producers found out it wasn't her first time chatting up the Fuhrer.

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Somehow, at no point during casting did they uncover that incident in 2013 where she posted a Photoshopped image of herself wearing Nazi paraphernalia and posing in front of Auschwitz.

Ms. Tequila removed the Hitler photo shortly after the incident, though, naturally, a few people got screenshots first:

Tila Tequila
Image via AATTP.org

That completely tasteless photo isn't the worst of it either. In other social media posts, Tequila praised Hitler as a "brilliant artist" who was "ahead of his time," and confessed to having "the same hopes and dreams as Hitler." She even referred to herself as "Hitler reborn."

A Jewish group slammed Channel 5 and the producers of Celebrity Big Brother for featuring such a contestant on their show. Once the show began to investigate her views, her removal was a foregone conclusion. Read the full statement from Channel 5, which BBC Newsbeat provided below:

The show confirmed her removal with this subduded tweet announcing the news:

Tila Tequila has yet to respond publicly about getting removed from the house.