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6 Burning Questions We Have After That WTF This Is Us Fall Finale

"Her" might not be who you think

Megan Vick

This Is Us promised that every mystery would lead up to the Season 3 fall finale, and it did, but in true This Is Us fashion we were left with far more questions than answers.

The episode had multiple big twists. First and foremost, we learned that Nicky Pearson (Michael Angarano) survived the Vietnam War and was hanging out in Bedford, Pennsylvania. That's under two hours from Pittsburgh, by the way, so an easy day trip from his older brother all these years. The fall finale also returned to the flash-forward storyline with Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and adult Tess going to visit "her." We got confirmation that "her" wasn't Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), but we still don't know who she was because whoever it was wasn't shown.

That summarizes the big things we found out from the episode, but because new mysteries opened up left and right, TV Guide compiled a list of all of our the burning questions we had after watching the episode and answered them the best we could.

Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us​

Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us

NBC, Ron Batzdorff/NBC

1. Is Rebecca "her"?: Beth revealed that she, Randall and adult Tess were going to see Randall's mother, but since we didn't actually see the woman in question, we can't automatically assume that it is Rebecca (Mandy Moore). As this was an episode that also proved we can't believe anyone when they say a person is dead without seeing the body, it's possible that they were going to visit Randall's biological mother. Remember that Beth said they were going to visit Randall's mother, not her own mother-in-law. The only flaw in this logic is that Randall called Toby (Chris Sullivan) in the season premiere and asked if he was coming as well. Why would Toby care about seeing Randall's biological mother? Basically, we're still in the dark on this whole "her" mystery.

2. Why are they going to see "her"?: Regardless of who "her" actually is, we still don't understand why there was an urgency to go and see her. Is she dying? Is she in trouble? Is she already dead? What exactly is the mission here? We still have no idea!

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3. Did Jack know that Nicky survived the war?: Fun fact: Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) only said that Nicky died in Vietnam once. It's been heavily implied that he died in the way a lot, but if you go back to Season 2 when Jack and young Randall visited the Vietnam memorial, you never actually saw Nicky's name on the wall. In the Season 3 premiere Jack told Rebecca that Nicky died in the war, but considering the time frame, was it a lie? If Jack helped Nicky escape the country, he would need to tell everyone Nicky died so he didn't get charged with AWOL. Jack and Rebecca's first date was shortly after Jack's return so he wouldn't blow his brother's cover that quickly. What would possess Jack to do that though? If he didn't know, why didn't Nicky ever come find him? Apparently he's chillin' back in Pennsylvania. Again, we know nothing about this show.

4. Do Beth and Randall get divorced?: Okay, we confirmed that Beth is alive and well in the future timeline, but is she still married to Randall? The present timeline ended with them getting into a huge fight about Randall continuing to stay in the city council race after Beth asked him to drop out and help her. In the future, Randall asked adult Tess to call her mom and she said she did it in the car. Isn't it weird that Randall would call Toby instead of his own wife? Unless he and that wife were estranged and this show is trying to tell us there's no such thing as true love lasting a lifetime. I swear, I cannot.

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5. Where the hell is Kate?: You know what's terrible? Foreshadowing. Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby's entire storyline in this episode revolved around their fears of having a baby and what could happen. As we know, Kate was not in bed with Toby in the flash forward and Randall told Toby, "She'd want you to be there." Did he mean Kate or "her"? We've seen more of the future timeline but it still hasn't answered those questions, so did Toby lose Kate and the baby during this pregnancy? Is there wood somewhere I can knock on after putting that in the universe? DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, DAN FOGELMAN.

6. Is Miguel still alive?: If "her" is Rebecca, where was her husband? Has he already died in this timeline? I'd assume if his wife was in any kind of trouble or on the verge of dying that he'd be right there by her side, but no one has mentioned him in the flash forwards either. We can only hope he's okay and already wherever Randall, Tess and Beth are heading.

This Is Us returns Tuesdays at 9/8c in 2019 on NBC.