Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan

Best known as Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager, TV vet Jeri Ryan is still a "10" as chief medical examiner Kate Murphy on Body of Proof. To play the superior of Megan Hunt (Dana Delany), Ryan traded a skintight bodysuit for business casual — but she's still impossible to resist. Here's why.

1. She hearts her geeks.
"Once you're in the sci-fi community, especially Star Trek, you're always in — sort of like the Mafia," she says.

2. She's a bit of a Twitter geek herself.
Ryan has been known to Tweet 20-plus times a day. "I'm obsessed! I kinda have OCD and it feeds into that," she says.

3. She plays a great boss lady.
"Kate's not that stereotypical ice queen wagging her finger — I love that she's more human," says Ryan. "She plays by the rules, but she has Megan's back."

4. The 1989 Miss Illinois is as gorgeous as ever.
"Awww! That's sweet! Those were the big-hair days," she says.

5. She puts family first.
Married to chef Christophe Émé, Ryan, a mom of two, has her priorities straight: "Work is valuable and important, but my family is what life's about."

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