1) Bed Sheets and Leather Jackets Are Now In The next time I'm standing in front of my closet, dissatisfied with the same choices as always, I will reach for my bed sheet (preferably the one not dressing my bed at the current moment), wrap it around me and hold it in place with a fitted leather jacket. And if anyone questions my fashion choice, I will simply tell them that I can't take credit for the newest craze, because the Olsen twins were

seen wearing it first. And with their billion-dollar industry continually growing, why not take some notes on what they're styling? Also, the lesson within the lesson: Don't forget to purse your lips for the cameras so your face appears super-small. This will compensate for the overwhelming amount of material.

2) Your Hair Will Make or Break You How many dyes does it take to get to the center of your roots? Brunette, blonde, red, ash, strawberry, curly, straight, short, mullet, buzzed... Hollywood changes its hairstyle more often than I buy shampoo. Jessica Simpson's gone brunette, Lindsay Lohan's back to blonde, Idol's Sanjaya discovered a flat iron (don't even get me started on his making the top 12), Dancing with the Stars' newbie Billy Ray Cyrus wants his mullet back [ Shiver], Star Jones' hair shrunk along with her body, and Britney, well, we know how she feels about ponytails these days. Maybe I'm going about my style all wrong - I've never dyed my locks, gotten highlights or considered a noticeably different 'do, but I'll think about it now. (OK, that's enough thinking, I don't like the shape of my head enough to show it off.) 3) Shopping Sprees Feed the Soul Britney dropped three grand online, adding a few new pieces from Intuition to her closet. (I wonder how many closets she actually has.) Lindsay was recently spotted lugging around some goods from Dior. Kellie Pickler returned to Idol with new shoes (you heard me, shoes). But sometimes, the spending is inspiring. 4) Changing the World Is Possible Many celebs have been generous with their earnings all during their path to success. Some have taken the lead in starting charities, supporting causes and raising awareness, but it seems that 2007 is the year for even bigger changes to take place. Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa is providing students with better living conditions, all the educational tools they could need, and hope for their future. Bono's inspiring speech at the NAACP Awards recently prompted a standing ovation, a nod toward his efforts in ending poverty. And American Idol is on board, too, reaching out and giving back to those in need. 5) Fifth Graders Rule the Universe I would never want to utter the words, "I am not smarter than a fifth grader" in front of millions of people. I wouldn't even want to say it in my own home. Looks like all the hair dye has gone to America's heads. Either that, or our leather jackets are cutting off circulation, restricting oxygen flow to the brain, and erasing information, like what a rhombus looks like and what the brightest planet is. But with geography, mathematics and earth science fresh in their growing minds, being a fifth grader isn't so bad in Hollywood. Other good news? Doesn't matter what your hair looks like. Any valuable, pointless, bizarre, ridiculous lessons you've picked up from our famous friends recently? Do share.