In this week's X-Files, Mulder (David Duchovny) stumbles upon a conspiracy that is even too absurd for him to believe.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's episode, Mulder is confronted by a stranger (Brian Huskey) in a parking garage who acts as though he's very familiar with the FBI agent. In fact, according to this man, he and Mulder used to work X-Files cases together back in the day!

But oddly enough, Mulder has zero idea who this sweaty stranger could be. The stranger explains this apparent bout of amnesia is the result of the exact conspiracy he came to discuss with Mulder: the Mandela Effect.

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As anyone who followed the Shazam-Kazaam conspiracy knows, the Mandela Effect is when large groups of people remember an alternate history. So could this stranger be telling the truth? Was he really Mulder's old X-Files partner back in the day?

You'll have to wait until the episode, written and directed by X-Files legend Darin Morgan, airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox to find out.