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The 26 Worst Wrestling Gimmicks of All Time

From The Shockmaster to Repo Man, look back on the many lows of wrestling

Sadie Gennis

In the history of wrestling there have been many highs... and many, many lows. There have been men whose entrance theme was just fart noises, men who are really cyborgs from the future, and then, of course, the litany of men who fall into that gloriously '80s category of "occupational wrestlers." Because while wrestling was their passion, they still had to make a living at their day job - say at the IRS or working a garbage truck.

Take a journey back with us and look at the 26 worst wrestling gimmicks of all time:

1. Repo Man: A less threatening version of the Hamburglar.

2. 3 Count: Bonus points for the original music, but there was no redeeming this boy band.

3. Bastion Booger:He entered the ring to a cacophony of burps and farts.

4. Isaac Yankem, DDS: A sadistic, schlocky dentist who wasn't nearly as intimidating as Orin Scrivello.

5. The Goon: An ex-hockey player who had been kicked out of every league and was (thankfully) soon kicked out of our hearts.

6. Arachnaman: The least super superhero knock-off of all time.

7. Max Moon: A cyborg from the future that makes Back to the Future II look prescient.

8. Oz: As in The Wizard of.

9. Phantasio: A close-up magician who uses his tricks for such tomfoolery as stealing his opponent's underwear. Bugs Bunny would be proud.

10. Battle Kat: Halle Berry would have been better.

11. Akeem the African Dream: Blackface without the literal black face.

12. The Yeti: Oddly enough, The Yeti was actually a mummy.

13. The KISS Demon: A testament to the dangers of cross-promotion.

14. Mantaur: Half-man, half-bull, Mantaur mooed at opponents.

15. The Dicks: Fake Chippendales who blinded opponents with baby oil.

16. The Spirit Squad: A group of male cheerleaders who were eventually packed into a crate and shipped to the WWE's developmental program.

17. Kerwin White: Chavo Guerrero Jr. denounced his Hispanic heritage to become a stereotypical white man in a golf cart. His catchphrase: "If it's not White, it's not right."

18. Friar Ferguson: A mad monk who was axed after the Catholic Church of New York went biblical on the WWF.

19. P.N. News: If your gimmick is that you rap, make sure you can at least rap well.

20. Oklahoma:An unforgivably offensive caricature of announcer Jim Ross that mocked his Bell's Palsy.

21. Beaver Cleavage: A nod to Leave It to Beaver that featured way too much sexual innuendo between Beaver and his "mother."

22. The Booty Man: A rump-shaking wrestler with nothing on Nicki Minaj.

23. Norman the Lunatic: A mental patient who carried around a giant teddy bear.

23. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese: This garbage man idea was literal garbage.

24. I.R.S.: Nothing says evil villain like discussing taxes, amiright?

25. Glacier: A hilariously obvious rip-off of Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero.

26. The Shockmaster: A failure so epic, it's almost a success.