I've seen Rick (Andrew Lincoln) go through his share of relationships on The Walking Dead, some good, most bad, but selling believable love in the middle of a zombie apocalypse isn't easy. Rick and Lori you just had to believe in because that was their backstory. Rick and, uhhh, what's her name... Jessie Anderson! That was barely a thing at all, and Rick didn't even shed a tear when she got eaten.

Jessie's death threw Rick into Michonne's (Danai Gurira) arms, and I'm still trying to figure out why. Of all the romantic turns in the show, Richonne felt the most forced, like it was fan service to smash these two together because they're both badasses. I didn't buy it one bit.

But after "Say Yes," I'm ready to get #Richonne air-brushed on a T-shirt at my local Six Flags. "Say Yes" gave us the time alone with Rick and Michonne that all good TV relationships need to feel authentic to the viewer, and these two responded with lovey-dovey eyes, playful banter and romantic synchronized zombie decapitating. Rick and Michonne, you now have my blessing.

Are you not convinced? Well, Chris Harrison gave Rick and Michonne a one-on-one date card this week, so let's revisit all the SQUEEEE Richonne moments from "Say Yes" that solidified them as OTP.

Rick and Michonne totally "did it" while on supply runs

In the opening montage, Rick and Michonne were on a supply run and clearing houses of zombies while scraping together anything useful they can find to bring back to Alexandria. Then they GOT. IT. ON., twice! Passionately, too, like rabbits listening to Marvin Gaye after downing oysters and champagne during a screening of The Notebook. It may seem like a case of the hornies for both of them, but this was actually a foundation for the real love that would be proven to us later. It was the best and easiest way for The Walking Dead to say to us, "Hey remember these two? They're together. Watch them have sex."

"We're fighting the fight. It's better."

Shortly after, the two lovebirds were walking through the woods and Rick, in boyfriend voice, asked Michonne, "What's that smile? A couple days out, all we got to show are two guns, dented cans of beans and some football jerseys, pretty much."

Michonne's response: "Pretty much. We're fighting the fight. It's better." If you're wondering why Rick and Michonne are suddenly back in each other's pants so hard, it's because lovable I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass Rick is back, essentially. When Rick was kowtowing to Negan and handing over their guns like a wuss, Michonne wanted no piece of that. Now that Rick's back to shove Lucille up Negan's butt, Michonne is like, ROWR.


As an amateur couples therapist — book your appointment now! — I can tell you that a key to a successful relationship is having a good time with your partner. Conversely, having a bad time is not advised! So when Michonne and Rick came across the abandoned (and surprisingly uncreepy) carnival that was packed with army zombies still carrying their guns, they were elated. Look at these smiles!

Moments later, the two crashed through the roof of the building they were standing on, which under normal zombie apocalypse circumstances would elicit fear. But these two? They cackled with glee as they landed on a conveniently placed... giant mattress? Fortune favors those in love.

They even had time for a candlelit dinner

All the problems of their gutter existence were put on pause that evening because they had all they grub they could handle, so why not jazz up some MREs with a few candles and conversation? I plop my dinner in a microwave for a few minutes and I still can't find the time at night to break out the hot wax, but these two? There's always time for a little romance, even in a zombie apocalypse. Classy, you two.

And the talk was sweet, too. Rick wasn't excited about taking over once Negan was dead, as Michonne suggested, but he was interested in reordering the world... with Michonne. So cute I might barf! "But the two of us, you and me, reordering things together," he said. "I want thaaaaaat." And in meek nervous boyfriend mode, he added, "If it's something you wanted." Aww, they still have early date jitters.

They even kick zombie ass adorably

Rick had a plan to clear out some walkers, and it involved him killing one walker and Michonne mopping up the rest. Michonne incredulously asked him, "You're leaving me eight?" Rick's playful response, confident in the sword skills of his boo, "You can handle eight." And Michonne's lookback? Perfect.

Even when the plan went bad, they couldn't help but be totally adorbs, as they say. They even had a conversation together through the backseat after Michonne had to jump inside the trunk of a car to avoid getting eaten after Rick's plan was SNAFU'd by some malfunctioning car brakes.

And of course couples who slay together, stay together.

They're so in love that they will do utterly stupid things for each other

Really Rick? You're trying to fight for your life and you decide that now is a good time to try to kill a deer for Michonne? That is exactly the kind of idiotic stuff you risk bodily harm over for your squeeze. It takes real love to be that bold-faced stupid.

They still have an eye on the future

After Rick nearly died, Michonne shut down, worried that one day she will lose Rick. But Rick reminded her that the focus shouldn't be on them and their irresistibly sappy love that we're all jealous of, it should be on the children.

"We may lose each other," Rick said. "Even then it will be worth it. You can lose me. I can lose you. It's not about us anymore, it's about a future." Aww, I think?

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.