Nathan Fillion is about to be back on your TV solving crimes every week!

ABC just dropped the first teaser trailer for Fillion's new cop drama, The Rookie, and it definitely looks like a change of pace from Castle's quirky case-of-the-week formula. In this new series based on true events, Fillion plays John Nolan, a 40-year-old man who becomes the oldest rookie in the LAPD. He and another officer, Talia Bishop (Afton Williamson), are forced to navigate the world of a typically "young" rookie cop after being assigned to be partners.

While the series promises to have a humorous edge — how could it not with Fillion and his charming wit at its helm? — the 30-second teaser promises more high stakes and meaningful moments than giggles. The newly-minted Officer Nolan will have to overcome some serious agism (and a disapproving Sergeant) to prove he's earned his place on the force.

The Rookie will air as part of ABC's 2018-2019 lineup.