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The Originals Sneak Peek: The Search for Hayley Continues

Shade. Thrown.

Lindsay MacDonald

The final season of The Originalsis nearly halfway over and OMFG Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is still missing?!

The search for Hayley has exhausted everyone in the Mikaelson family, but one person we probably should have checked in with a little more often is her boyfriend, Declan (Torrance Coombs). Though their relationship didn't seem like it had a rock solid foundation, the guy's still totally freaked out that his girl has up and gone missing. What's worse, her family doesn't seem to be doing much about it, and they've got no leads to speak of. At least not that they've told him.

Maybe that's why Declan takes it upon himself to print up some missing posters in this exclusive sneak peek. Please pay attention to the subtle shade Declan throws Freya's (Riley Voelkel) way about somebody needing to do it.

The Originals Mega Buzz: The Hollow Isn't Going Away Easily

The search for Hayley isn't the only one heating up though.

After taking off with the school's resident bad boy (and potentially seriously bad guy) Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre), Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice King) will be on the hunt for the renegade Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell). The two set off on a nice, little road trip that will give them plenty of time to analyze both their own relationship and Hope's sudden interest in taking a walk on the wild side.

"When you move from being the child to the parent, one of the things you do is you start to look back on your own history with a new insight. I think it's important for Klaus to now look back on his relationship with Caroline when they were 'younger,'" says consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber. "He's got to look back at his relationship with Caroline through the lens of what's going on with Hope and Roman. There are some similarities in terms of it being an antagonistic love story. I think that mirror causes him to look at things in a very different way... There was some deception in their past. There was some aggression in their past. So he's really trying to come to terms with who he was and what he is and what she's become to him."

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Phoebe Tonkin and Danielle Rose Russell, The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin and Danielle Rose Russell, The Originals

Bob Mahoney, Bob Mahoney/The CW