It's time to light the lights!

The Muppets are returning to TV this fall on ABC in what ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee has repeatedly described as "more adult" and "not your grandmother's Muppets" reboot. That means an Office-style mockumentary presentation, industry inside jokes a la 30 Rock and... totally different voices.

Yeah, we're not into that either.

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Vocal discrepancies aside, the trailer gives a pretty good idea of the modernized nostalgia trip and Muppet-y goodness to come. Let's break it down.

1. The meta jokes are coming a mile a minute.

2. But might be too meta.

3. Cone of Shame gag FTW!

4. They're obviously ready to tackle real issues, like interspecies relationships...

5. ... and stereotypes.

6. Should Rizzo really be the one organizing the office?

7. We're gonna take this as a Parks and Recreation joke.

8. We'd pay to see this.

9. Kermit clearly has a type.

10. Well, then.

11. Fozzie's typing is still bad.

12. Can't go wrong with a good weed joke.

The Muppets will air on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC this fall.