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The Mayor Producer Comments on Trump and Timely Accidental Election Storyline

It's not just about Trump

Lindsay MacDonald

ABC's newest comedy, The Mayor, is a hoot that happens to be reflective of the current political climate in the United States.

The story follows a young black rapper in the Bay Area, who, hoping to launch his music career, decides to run for mayor to take advantage of the press from the campaign. His message and ideals connect with voters in a much deeper way than anticipated though, and he accidentally gets elected even though he had no desire to win or actually do the job.

Sound familiar?

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According to executive producer Jeremy Bronson, the parallels to Trump's campaign and election aren't an accident, but they're also not at the heart of this show.

"[In July] things were sort of heating up in the presidential race there, and I would say the germ for the idea of the show came a little bit before that, and then writing the pilot happened up until January," Bronson says of the timeline of creating this show. "Obviously given the politics of the last year... everybody is a lot more focused on what they can do -- what we can all do to sort of improve the country, improve our situation. So it's given us a lot of inspiration for the show, but it's not tackling the issue of the week, nor is it a parody or a satire."

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Given that The Mayor will deal with a small, down on its luck city in need of an innovative thinker to right the ship, it's hard to compare it directly to the national scope of a presidential election. Even so, the show focuses on the unforeseen positive consequences of shaking up the system and electing someone who not only understands and accepts the duty he's been given, but also doesn't play by the standard political rules.

"This is a guy, Courtney Rose, who didn't want to win but deeply, deeply loves this city and wants to give," Bronson says. "[He] feels the pressure of and the weight of this job and this responsibility that he's been given."

The Mayor premieres October 3rd at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

Brandon Micheal Hall, The Mayor

Brandon Micheal Hall, The Mayor

Tony Rivetti, ABC