Months after Archie Panjabi exited The Good Wife, fans are still upset over the final Alicia-Kalinda reunion scene. At the time, broke it down, taking issue with both the lackluster storytelling and how the scene was shot without Panjabi and Julianna Margulies in the same room.

The Good Wife's showrunners Robert and Michelle King spoke with TVLine about the controversy and how Alicia and Kalinda's farewell moment was unsatisfying.

According to Robert King, letting down the fans was "not the intent. The story of Alicia and Kalinda seemed to be a story about pride getting in the way of friendship," he said, noting that their relationship just "could not get over" the hurdle of Kalinda sleeping with Peter.

"We are certainly never ever hoping to hurt the fans' feelings or make them feel like that trust has been broken," added Michelle.

CBS refuses to address "any movie magic" in The Good Wife reunion scene

Storytelling aside, the Kings made a point to avoid speculation on why that final scene had to be shot with green screen, i.e. rumors that the behind-the-scenes drama caused a rift between the two actresses. "We fake everything in the show, so I can address this on a storytelling level that there was no intent ever to dupe the viewers. We'll be an open book there...the only thing I will address is the storytelling," Robert King said. "The mechanics of how we do our show is its own thing and we're usually an open book about it, until it comes down to gossip."

What did you think of the final scene? Were the two green-screened together?