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Over the years, The Flash has introduced several versions of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), some of which have been evil, some of which have been exceptionally silly. With Team Flash in desperate need of a new brainiac after Harry's sudden exit in the Season 4 finale, we can't help but wonder which one of these Wells will be called up to round out the team.

As it turns out... none of them.

Showrunner Todd Helbing recently told TV Guide that Season 5 will introduce an entirely new version of Harrison Wells that we haven't seen before. "When I was up there shooting for the finale, [Tom Cavanagh] and I sat down and started talking about next season and a new character. I think we landed on one that's pretty funny and unique, and I think it will give Tom a lot of meat to chew on."

It's hard to imagine a meatier character than Harry, who was a perfect blend of grumpiness and geek boy, but we're prepared to be proven wrong!

The Flash will return Tuesdays this fall on The CW.

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Tom Cavanagh, <em>The Flash</em>Tom Cavanagh, The Flash