The Flash has put Barry (Grant Gustin) through the wringer lately, and we honestly never thought we'd see the day that he would go free for DeVoe's (Neil Sandilands) murder after that perfect frame job. Thanks to Ralph's (Hartley Sawyer) amazing talents and quick thinking, that day has finally come though!

After discovering his newfound shape-shifting abilities, Ralph realized he could morph his features into that of DeVoe's former body, effectively bringing him back to life. He even stormed the courtroom to declare the whole thing a misunderstanding at Barry's appeal.

Needless to say, the judge couldn't do anything but declare Barry innocent of a murder that never occurred. The WestAllen reunion we've been waiting for finally happened, and it was definitely therapeutic to watch these two be together again.

Take that, Thinker! (But seriously, how did the Thinker not see that coming, is something up with his powers?)

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Unfortunately, Barry and the team also found out that DeVoe has designs on all of the bus metas, which puts Ralph directly in danger. Whatever plans DeVoe has for him and his abilities, Barry better figure it out fast. It only took him a few seconds to take over Hazard's (Sugar Lyn Beard) body, and if he grabs Ralph, he could gain the power to be anyone he wants... like the president or the pope. Scared yet?

Right now though, we're more worried about DeVoe's wife. She's been voicing doubts for a while now, but never so much as in tonight's episode. After squabbling with her husband on his methods, Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) attempted to block him from reading her thoughts with the song they first danced to, which irritated DeVoe more than it logically should have. In retaliation, he drugged her drink with what was essentially a love potion — remember that guy who cried euphoria/love tears? — so that she'd get back on board with his way of doing things.

That seems like a pretty slippery slope to slide down for the future of their marriage.

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Grant Gustin, <em>The Flash</em>Grant Gustin, The Flash