The Blacklist ended its third season with the insane reveal that not only is Liz (Megan Boone) very much alive — she was put into hiding by Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) — but that Alexander Kirk, the man Red (James Spader) blamed for her death, was actually her father.

Now that we know Red isn't Liz's biological creator, we've got a ton more questions... Questions we need Blacklist to answer right at the start of Season 4:

Why did Kirk wait so long to reveal himself?
So Kirk is Liz's father, and hired Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) to kidnap her... Presumably in order to bring Liz and her then unborn child to safety. Okay, but why did he wait this long to reveal his true identity? Did he not know she existed? Why was he waiting until now to reveal himself, when things were this bad?

Does Red know who Kirk is?
Red is, in theory, the one who separated Liz from her father. Did he always know that father was Kirk? If he did, why was he always so adamant in keeping the two of them apart? Is it really a matter of Kirk just being a bad man?

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Is Red going to kill Mr. Kaplan?
At the end of the episode, we see Red with a gun to Kaplan's head for having betrayed him, by hiding Liz in the first place. Is Kaplan going to be granted to opportunity to re-earn Red's trust? Ultimately, her actions were all for Liz, which may earn her some brownie points.

Who will keep Liz's baby, Tom or Liz?
Tom was very much in on the "Liz is alive" scheme, despite what he made us believe the last few episodes. However, now that he's heading off to lead his own adventure on The Blacklist: Redemption, one wonders who will get custody of the child he fathered with Liz. Is part of Tom's redemption caring for Liz's baby?

And where is Tom anyway?
Tom's location at the end of the season finale is a flat out mystery, with zero hints given. He's obviously not dead, but we're going to have to find him before he heads off to Hargrave's organization in January.