Tonight is the season finale of The Bachelorette, and we'll finally find out to whom Rachel Lindsay is presently engaged. Since the post-fantasy suite rose ceremony got rolled over into this week's episode, there will be three men still in contention at the start of the finale: Bryan Abasolo, the chiropractor from Miami who swept Rachel off her feet by whispering sweet nothings in Spanish into her ear; Eric Bigger, the personal trainer from Baltimore who captured hearts with his dance moves; and Peter Kraus, the personal trainer from Madison who everyone loves to look at.

We know Rachel is engaged to one of them, since she was allowed to disclose her engagement in interviews before the season, but we're not positive which one yet. Vegas odds are on Bryan, but if Peter pulls it together and decides he's ready to propose, it could be him.

Who do you think it will be? Vote in our last-chance poll, and then tune in to ABC tonight at 8/7c for the three-hour season finale which will reveal the answer.