In two weeks, The Bachelorette will end its season and reveal the man to whom Rachel Lindsay is engaged. And fans are worried, because they don't want it to be Bryan Abasolo.

Bryan is the 37-year-old doctor from Miami who has swept Rachel off her feet with his unflappable smoothness. He's what Blue Velvet's Frank Booth would call "one suave f---." And people don't like or trust him because of it. He always has the right thing to say in a way that seems like he's keeping his true feelings hidden. During Monday's episode, Rachel's family said the same thing, with her sister saying she doesn't feel the sincerity there, especially after meeting Peter and Eric, who were very sincere. And this is something Rachel has been saying herself all season about Bryan — that he's able to make himself seem like the perfect man, which concerns her.

But obviously it is not a dealbreaker because Bryan is going into the finale looking like the frontrunner. Rachel wants to get engaged and Peter isn't ready to commit to that, whereas Bryan very vocally is. And Rachel is very, very into him. She got so defensive when her mother raised her eyebrows at him.

Rachel's family is not feeling Bryan and neither is Bachelor Nation. People had some not-nice things to say about Dr. Bryan, who compares very poorly to Peter, Bachelor Nation's Prince Charming.

And Rachel's unhappiness with Peter's very reasonable reluctance to commit as opposed to her acceptance of Bryan's suspiciously gung-ho attitude.

Maybe Rachel sees something in Bryan that the rest of us don't. Maybe he's a really nice guy who's getting a bad edit. Maybe — and this is a wild, baseless conspiracy theory — Rachel knew she was never going to end up with any of these guys and she's going to choose Bryan to free up Peter to be the next Bachelor.

It's kind of a tricky situation, because this is Rachel's life and she's free to make her own choices without being judged for them. IN THEORY. In reality, when you put your life on reality TV you open yourself up for criticism. And you just have to wonder why Rachel doesn't see what seems so abundantly clear to everyone else: Bryan's a phony mama's boy.

One thing's for certain: if Rachel picks Bryan, it's going to be an awkward post-finale media tour.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.