The moment The Bachelor Season 23 had been building toward finally happened: Colton Underwood jumped the fence. It was everything we hoped for and more, because we didn't know we were going to get Chris Harrison standing with his hands in his pockets calmly saying, "He just jumped the f---ing fence."

Colton's graceful exit into the wilderness of Portugal came after Cassie, the woman he's hopelessly in love with, told him, "I love you, but I'm not, like, in love with you." Despite his reassurances that it was OK she felt like that and he would wait for her feelings to catch up, she said that though she wished she felt certain she wanted to be with him, she didn't, so she left. After a few moments alone in his room, Colton walked out, pulled off his mic, and disappeared into the darkness.

And then Bachelor fans released the cathartic memes they had been waiting to share all season — just an incredible bounty of hilarious jokes about the episode. Bachelor Nation really outdid itself. Here are some of my favorite fence jump sequence memes.

The best subcategory is screenshots of Cassie's "what have I gotten myself into" expression with captions narrating her thoughts.

And there were some incredibly accurate ones involving Dumb and Dumber, of all things.

That format produced some of the night's best jokes.

And there were some good random ones, too.

And this is the perfect use of this classic meme format about ignoring red flags.

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