We already know that Noah (Dominic West) is getting a new love interest when The Affair returns for Season 3 (after a three-year time jump). But could he eventually find his way back into the arms of his ex-wife? Nope, we're not talking about Alison (Ruth Wilson). This may come as a shock to fans of the show - we can all agree that Noah's the worst, right? - but it's actually Helen (Maura Tierney) who's hoping for a reunion with her adulterous husband.

"She does [want him back]," Tierney tells TVGuide.com. "She's not going to get him, I don't think. But she thinks it's going to be some sort of magical eraser of all the bad things that have happened."

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Those who are horrified by Helen's masochistic tendencies can rest assured that Noah isn't on the same page. But what impact will this have on Helen's emotional state?

"For Noah, the marriage is over, and I don't think that there's even a lot of love existing there. For Helen, it's sort of turned into more of an obsession," Tierney says. "It seems like she's moved on. She has a new boyfriend. ... But really, the truth is, she's kind of desperately just holding it together. And she has developed a sort of obsessive need for her ex-husband. She feels like that's going to solve all of her problems."

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