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Teen Wolf to End with Season 6: Everything We Know from the Crazy-Good Final Season Trailer

We know what happens to Stiles

Megan Vick

It's time to prepare for a goodbye to Beacon Hills. MTV announced Thursday that Season 6 will be the final installment of Teen Wolf and the series will end with its landmark 100th episode in 2017.

"Teen Wolf has been an extraordinary journey, one that captured the hearts and imaginations of fans more than we could've ever imagined," said showrunner and executive producer Jeff Davis. "We're eternally grateful for the support we've received over these past six years and we're excited to take our brave fans on one last, thrilling adventure."

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Davis and the cast also unveiled the first trailer for the final season during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which sets up a terrifyingly epic new dilemma for the McCall pack. There are a lot of big moments teased in the trailer, so TVGuide.com undertook the arduous task of breaking down everything we learned from the short clip.

Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf MTV

1. The Wild Hunt is taking over as Big Bad -- The Wild Hunt was briefly introduced in Season 5, but he will be our central villain for the final season. He's a mysterious demon horseback rider that doesn't just take people, but erases them from reality.

2. We know what happens to Stiles -- News broke earlier this week that Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) would be in grave danger this season. Now we know why -- he'll be the Hunt's victim and the McCall pack will have to ban together to stop him from being erased from their memory.

3. Prepare for heartbreak -- "Now, why don't you tell me your name?" is officially, 100 percent, the most heartbreaking line of the trailer. Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) will be one of the first to forget Stiles and we are not ready for it. Lord help us if Scott (Tyler Posey) ever forgets about Stiles.

4. Peter Hale returns -- The original big bad is back! It seems that the Wild Hunt's victims are held in some sort of purgatory while everyone forgets about them. Stiles will run into Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), who seems to be his forgotten-land guide.

5. The Dread Doctors' Nazi Zombie is still in this -- The Wild Hunt may be running the show but the Dread Doctors' Nazi zombie is definitely still in play. His eyes are glowing red in the blink-and-you'll-miss-him glimpse 1:20 minutes in, implying he might also be an Alpha werewolf.

6. The pack will rescue Theo -- Ugh, the world's most evil chimera apparently won't be spending too long buried underground. The trailer shows Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) opening the ground back up to rescue Theo (Cody Christian) from his hellish fate from last season.

7. Another banshee is coming to Beacon Hills -- Lydia (Holland Roden) is going toe-to-toe with another banshee by the looks of the walls of screams. The woman looks older though, so will she be getting a visit from her allegedly dead grandmother somehow?

The final season of Teen Wolf kicks off in November. Are you ready for the last adventure with the McCall pack?